Megalomania 999

What should I do?
Risk my innocence,
take your advice
and burn the bridges behind?

Tempted, I'm tempted
to throw away the key
and change personality.
But I need security
and beauty surrounding me.
How can I get it all?

Well, my friend.
Your life's what you make it (aha?)
No-one said
you cannot live in beauty…just because you're cool………..oh no ha ha ha!!!

You talk the talk, but are you right?
How can I shape my life?
How can I overcome it all?

I've lived with beauty all my life
keeping trouble out of sight
dwelling in my world of innocence
And what will change my friend,
in case you just give in
and leave your inner self in charge?

To live your life extreme
is not as it may seem.
There's room for beauty by your side3

We who live by the sword
take what we need.
If you cherish beauty then please, go ahead
Why despair, why regret?

The guys I know who live extreme
will never ever feel
how beauty makes you warm inside

Instead they spend their energy
on beating up the weak,
or laugh as they escape in fright

Tough guys who use a fist
instead of mental skill
just prove their lack of self esteem

There is no dignity
or masculinity
in beating up a helpless guy

We who live by the sword
fight for our right
But only a fool would declare an attack
if a kiss could accomplish the same4

It's all about honor at the bottom line
…our goal is the same
There's always a beauty who'll live by your side
If you know how you gain respect
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