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Megalomania 999

Now it is time for confessions,
These are our final remarks

We've entertained you
and overwhelmed you.
Now we will tell you
the reason why

We've tried to twist you
but also please you.
Faking discussions,
giving advice

We're nothing but musicians
and this is just a show
but still we want to tease your mind

We wrote a metal album
adding this dialogue
on how to be a metalfreak......BUT WHY?

To live extreme is to improve your personality
and those who dare will find a great reward if they survive.
An extremist won't fall apart if daily crisis strike
He only cares about the most important things in life

So, when we speak of confessions
all this relate to ourselves

We've jumped in fire
and danced on roofs
We're taking chances
We're metal freaks

We've partied crazy
and risked our lives
we're fucking lucky
we didn't die

We're nothing but musicians
pretending to be cool
but after all we're just like you

These songs describe our lifestyle
from different points of view.
Sometimes we're strong and fearless
Sometimes we're soooo uncool

To live extreme is to improve your personality
but one of us was so extreme he nearly passed away
There is a line between the brave and those who go to far
and after all - you are your own responsibility

Well, after all we're just a bunch of Heavy Metal freaks
who simply wanted to create a show and play extreme
Then one of us got crazy, thought he could save the world
by writing fancy lyrics - rebellion was his goal

Thank god, we stopped him, before we hit the air,
but still he wanted to provoke some thought and break barriers.
The songs contain advices, but still the best is left:
"Don't spend your time on preachers - just listen to yourself!!!"

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