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Megalomania 999

There's just one thing I'd like to talk about (well, keep it coming)
- How come you're always satisfied?
From time to time we all feel apathy or even worthless,
- But I have never seen you down
What is your little secret? How do you keep the spirit?
- How come you never lose the faith?

Consider life a party, consider birth an entrance fee
I choose to live in harmony - not like a worker bee
Just loosen up, have some fun, and take the time to breathe

Then, there's another thing I'd like to know (I saw it coming)
- where do you find the extra time?
You claim you have the time to loosen up, relax and party
- but still you're working nine to five
I find it quite unlikely, that you are living carefree
So drop the attitude, I'm sick and tired of listening to your lies

Consider life a party, consider work an entrance fee
My job ain't cool, but it's all right as long as I'm in charge
Noooo, it's not like I'm the boss
They just leave me space to do my stuff the way that I decide

You can spend half your day in slavery
or be good to yourself by being good to your boss
Just prove to him that you're actually useful
and then he'll stop breathing down your neck

Consider life a party, consider birth an entrance fee
Like children we should live our life the way that we feel pleased
Just listen to your inner child and live in joy like me

Oh yeah - I'll show you what I talk about

YEAH, that's how I like my Heavy Metal, dude!

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