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Brian Song

Monty Python

Brian, the babe they called brian,
He grew, he grew, and grew,
Grew up to be, grew up to be,
A boy called brian. a boy called brian,
He had arms, and legs, and hands, and feet,
The boy, whose name was brian.

And he grew, he grew, grew, and grew,
Grew up to be, yes, he grew up to be,
Yes, his name was brian, a teenager called brian.

And his face became spotty, yes, his face became spotty,
And his voice dropped down low,
And things started to grow, on young brian and so,
He was certainly no, no girl named brian,
Not a girl named brian.

And he started to shave, and have one of the wrist,
And want to see girls, and go out and get pissed,
A man called brian, this man called brian,
The man they called brian, this man called
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