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His Name Is Lancelot

Monty Python

Lancelot you might as well just fess up
Really you're a different kind of guy
Move aside your scabbard
For underneath your tabard
There is waiting to escape a butterfly

His...name...is Lancelot
And in tight pants a lot
He likes to dance a lot
You know you do

Lancelot: I do?

So just say thanks a lot
And try romance, it's hot!
Let's find out who's really you.
His name is Lancelot
He visits France a lot
He likes to dance a lot and dream
No one would ever know
That this outrageous pro
Bats for the other team.

You're a knight who really likes his night life
And by day you really like to play
You can all find him pumping at the gym
At the Camelot Y.M.C.A.!

His name is Lancelot
La, la, la
Just watch him dance a lot
La, la, la
He doesn't care what people say
La, la, la

Lance: No Way!

For when he starts to dance
La, la, la
Just grab your underpants
La, la, la

He can finally come out and say that he is G.A.

All: Y.M.C.A.

All: He's Gay!

Lancelot: Ok!
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