Negative 263

Love is not the way I would've figured
Drop that film and get the big picture
Give a little of bitter sweetness
My lips are wet, not like I really need this
I'm not, telling you I said so
Don't cry, leave it on your face
Eyes don't dry, they only get wetter
Broken heartsd asren't meant to get better

I only cry to God,
I share my inner feeling
Thoughts, on this wasted life
I'm hardly going anywhere

Not enough, I'll try a little harder
Get that bitch to go a little further
Slice her neck and harmonize with her
Screams I like so get a little louder
Help me, I'm another victim
Can't see, all my other symptoms
Hold me down and torture my insides
Virgin eyes are often my favorite

Crossing my sins
I keep pulling my face away
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