Negative 263

You are so beautiful, criminal in my eyes
Unbelievably unforgettable and still you come inside
I'd walk for miles to be with you
I've torn my heart and soul in two
I wrapped my world all around you
And I could never set you free
I'm just your maniac
You know you're gonna pay for everything you did to me
Hands tied behind my back
Because I'm just your maniac
It's incredible the way you push and pull me
Uncontrollable and subliminal
The more you take, I need
So close the door again
You're gonna hurt and bleed in the end
This time you know I'll follow through
I will never set you free
I know it's wrong for me
But I can't see what's in your eyes
And I know that I'm the one who is to blame
It's our world, our life, our hate, our time
My ignorance, my own regrets
I'm your maniac and I know that we're the same
I'm to blame
I'm just your maniac, you're maniac
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