Negative 263

Right about now, I'm ready to go
Back down to the world where I suffered before
Keep it circulationg from the percolation
Get your mind trip started
Get your heart racing
I'll start the count-down
Get ready to throw down
Break through the wall that is keeping your faith down
I'm laughing for your sake
A peak at the next day
You might want to think about the feelings that you lay

Rotting in my arms
So try not be alarmed

Respect all the winners
The pain in the sinners
A motherfucking thing you don't know under the pressure
The pain inside me is growing lonely
What you want to see is that my life is changing
Christ is holy, so beg for mercy
You want to feel the pain the motherfucker is holding?
So back on the hot spot, I'll show you what's not hot
I'm looking for the shuvelwith the handlethat's not

Rotting my mind away
So pull me back and sway

I won't choose, win or lose
I won't lie, you'll rot and die

Pain inside of me is growing lonely
The paininside of me is growing lonely
The pain....
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