A Day In The Life

No Warning

Everyday its always the same
No point in fighting, its not going to change.
I'm trying to find my place in this world but i dont get it.
I go through the motions over and over.
sick of life, sick of talk, sick of you.
I go through the motions every fucking day.
Should I just step back and let others path my way?
I walk in step with all the others, predictable is how I feel.
Everyday seems like just another, months they now turn to years.
Tims are changing and I think where to turn next.
I missed the point somewhere along the line.
Now back is my best bet.
You cant make it work with your foot in your mouth.
And you cant make this work cause its so hard to stick out.
I'm sick of hearing what you think of every single thing that comes out of my mouth.
You know where you can take your words?
Away from me. I want to be a part.
I know its nothing new.
I want this fucking charade over.
Lifes a bitch, suck it up.
Trying to get it right, fuck it up!
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