My World

No Warning

Down and out, and I remember when your time ran out years ago.
This shit is with me for the rest of my life.
The stories are told and I'm still wondering why.
You dont mind, you sit around
and still think you can find what you feel for me.
Fuck that shit, it aint fair to me.
Dont ever think of me that way.
I shouldnt be a faded fucking memory.
This is my world so get the fuck out
and try this shit with someone else.
You dont know what i'm thinking.
I'm fucking screaming but you dont know what i'm feeling.
You cant feel relief, you fucked it up beyond belief.
How can you think of me wen I dont even like you,
wont run things by you.
You wanna know how I know this hate is for real?
Because its all i feel.
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