No Time For You

No Warning

I knew this whole time that you were just an asshole
And now that things get better for me
You want it better for you, so you hang around
It's pissing me off, no fucking time for you
Give it a year, where will you be?
Right where you are now
All over me
No time for you!
You dream of the day where you fit in
You've got a long way to go 'cause you keep changing
You're driving me up the wall I'm going insane
When I hear your name I just want to explode
I don't want a wake up call, and I don't give a fuck
And now there's nothing to say
When I gotta hear about it every day
I gotta think of what we had in the first place
Fuck you.
Just because you give a shit, doesn't make it worth my time
No time for you!
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