Hayo, Haya

Peter Paul And Mary

Hayo, haya, melech rasha, melech rasha.
Charbo chada, umlutasha, umlutasha
Mihu? antiochus, antiochus.

Let us remember reign of terror, reign of terror
King who murdered pain forever, pain forever
Who then? antiochus, antiochus
Antiochus, antiochus

The blood he spilled, jerusalem, jerusalem
So many killed, gone all of them, gone all of them
Who then? antiochus, antiochus

Our hearts he broke, he burned the torah, burned the torah
Ash and smoke, the crushed menorah, crushed menorah
Who then? antiochus, antiochus

Arise our hero, judah save us, judah save us
Prize so dear, the vict'ry gave us, freedom gave us
Who then? macabeus, macabeus

Oh sing our songs and praise the torah, praise the torah
Right the wrongs and light menorah, light menorah
When then? chanukah, chanukah
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