Peter Paul And Mary

Let's say you're at a pie contest, let's say that you're the judge
And there's lemon, lime and watermelon rind,
And one that looks like fudge
You can't tell which pie you like the best
If you only eat the crust
In order to complete the test a bite of filling is a must
(a bite of filling is a must)

Inside, inside, that's the most important part
Inside, inside, that's the place you've got to start
Inside, inside, that's where you'll find the heart of the matter

Let's say you're at a birthday party
And let's say you've just turned eight
And there are presents everywhere and all of them look great
You can't tell which one's your favorite
By just looking at the bow
To pick one out from all the rest unwrap each present,
Then you'll know
(unwrap each present then you'll know)


Children are the very best, each one a joy and pride
Just how we know, I bet you guessed:
We took the time to look...


Let's say you're at a library
And there's stacks and stack of books
There's even stacks on top of stacks everywhere you look
There are stories about mystery and sports and famous lovers
To pick one out from all the rest
You've got to open up the covers
(you've got to open up the covers!)

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