Well, Well, Well

Peter Paul And Mary

Well, well, well, who's that callin'?
Well, well, well, hold my hand.
Well, well, well, night is a-fallin',
Spirit is a-movin' all over this land.

Lord told noah, build him an ark,
Build it out of hickory bark.
Old ark a-movin', and the water start to climb,
God send a fire, not a flood next time.


God said fire comin' judgement day,
He said all mankind gonna pass away.
Brothers and sisters don't you know?
You're gonna reap just what you sow.


World's not waitin' for the lord's command,
Buildin' a fire that'll sweep the land.
Thunder out of heaven, comin' gabriel's call;
And the sea's gonna boil and the sky's gonna fall.

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