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You Make Me Love You...More

Don Philip

CHORUS:You make me love you
Night after night
Don't know what you do
But you sure do it right
There's nothing mistaking,oh
What my love is for
You make me love you
All I wanna do is love you...more
Like the sunshine warms my body
Like a love song soothes my soul
Like this feeling deep inside me
There are some things I just can't control
It happens so naturally
Girl as you live and breathe

Chorus Repeat

I see forever when you kiss me
It's like heaven when we touch
Every whisper makes me shiver
Seems we never can get close enough,no
I can't count the stars in the sky
For all of the reasons why

Chorus Repeat

Girl I'm beside myself
'CAUSE I know no one else
Has this effect on me
Every time you're next to me

Chorus Repeat
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