I'll Leave It Up To You

Don Philip

Tell me what you wanna do
I will leave it up to you
But I don't wanna lose you now
Tomorrow or forever
I'll give you all the time you need
Hoping you will come to see

That you and I were meant to be
Made to be together
I'm so scared
I never thought I'd lose the
Love we shared
The love that always felt so right

CHORUS:I'll leave it up to you,'cause I know
I could never let you go
I'll leave it up to you to decide
Search your heart your soul my eyes
I promise you there's no deeper love than mine
We could try to start again
We were once the best of friends
Tell me you remember when
You couldn't live without me
I can't believe
There's nothing I can do about it Baby please
Why can't we give it one more chance


I promise you there's no deeper love
Tell me what you want to do
I'll leave it up to you

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