How Did I Ever

Don Philip

I've tried but I never felt like this
When I feel what I feel from your touch,your kiss
You made me wake up you opened my eyes
To the love that I held deep inside
And as time goes by
I've tried to figure out
Just how I got on my own

CHORUS:How did I ever live without you
How did I ever laugh,how did I cry
How did I ever do anything
Before you and I
When we're together you are all I need
Everything is so easy it just comes to me
How did you know me so well,so real,so true
How did you know I needed you
And as time goes by
I've often wondered why
It took me so long to give in


you showed me how I would given
How I could give myself away
Girl for your love I'd do anything
I'll never be the same


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