Before Yo Eyes


PJ uh, the Rap Hustler (Boss Hogg Outlawz)
In your face (Outlawz)
We make the rules in the motherfucking streets nigga
It's been a long time coming, here I go

Live before your eyes, PJ the Rap Hustler
My whole damn life, a young nigga had to struggle
Now I'm thinking Coupes, windows bulletproof
It's not just me, my whole team is the truth
Niggaz acting funny, cause they know I'm getting money
But I don't give a damn, put the drugs down dummy
Niggaz wanna sip, pop pills and smoke dope
And wonder why the next day, they ass flat broke
Gotta use your brain, if you plan to maintain
Still selling caine, till I bleed the rap game
Money ain't a thang, getting cash by the stacks
Rolling in them slabs, or them ESV Lacs
In the game too deep, no surrender no retreat
Money hungry lawyer, all cases getting beat
Niggaz broke and they weak, that's why they love to hate
You bitch made niggaz, so fraud and fake
Put some food on my plate, it's time for me to eat
Boss Hogg Outlawz, running the streets
9-mili what I'm packing, when I'm rolling on the Davin's
One in the chamber, when I'm flossing on them swangas
I'm a Northside nigga, got some Southside friends
Bitch I ain't plexing, yo I'm all about my ends
Hoes get fucked, and kicked to the curb
No time for these broads, cause they get on my nerves
Stepping with my weapon, Houston what I'm repping
Five G's a verse, big faces I'm collecting
Money over bitches, sixteen switches
That's how a nigga live, when you all about your riches
Ever since a kid, it's been in me to shine
When it's war I pray to God, tell him show me a sign
I'ma keep chasing bread, till I'm dead and gone
PJ the Rap Hustler in your face, bitch it's on
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