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G'd Up and Dranked Out


G'd up and dranked out, know what I'm tal'n bout
Made another grand, time to take it to my stash spot
Making hoes cash out, pay like you weigh bitch
I remain real, while these others on that fake shit
Bake another cake quick, serve all my clientele
If I get popped, call my bitch to get me out of jail
Nine on my waistline, bet you won't take mine
I can spit a rap and bust my gat, at the same time
Never spit the same lines, everything new shit
Niggaz love beef, but they never ever do shit
Fuck in the new click, roll with my same friends
My niggaz got my back, if the drama ever came in
Gotta stay strapped up, cause niggaz love to hate
They plotting on a nigga, cause they know I'm getting cake
Nigga bring it on, cause I'm down for whatever
Never let a nigga, interfere with your cheddar

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