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Pour Up Roll Up


Po' up some drank, go on roll up some dro
PJ rap hustling, selling out the damn sto'
I'm a pro with the flow, I'm a mack on the track
T.I. what's the deal nigga, Slim where ya at
You can find me in the hood, nigga doing my dirt
You might catch me in the kitchen, doing magic with work
You might catch me in the studio, fucking with Ray
You might catch me at the bank, this the positive pay
I don't talk a lot of shit, I just make a lot of moves
Nigga wanna disrespect, knock his ass out his shoes
I done paid a lot of dues, had to sit back and wait
Told my mama I'ma do it right, now everything's straight
Put my kids through school, leave a bank for my grands
Much love to my relatives, peace to my fans
Signing shirts shaking hands, a whole lot of love
I can't forget about the DJ's, in the club
I'm just pouring up showing up, acting bad blowing up
Nigga if you claim a set, don't be scared throw it up
Putting it down on my grind, leaving mark shit behind
A nigga still warming up, bitch I'm coming first in line
I can't stop, I'm addicted to fame
It feels good to hear the bad hoes, screaming your name
I'ma stunt to the fullest, keep the clip full of bullets
Let a nigga run up on me, watch how I grab my shit and pull it nigga
I'm on a misson, gotta stack up my green
Hit the club hop out, be so fresh and so clean
Know what I mean I'm a baller, SUV crawler
If she not cutting on the first night, I can't call her

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