Body Bumpin (yippi-eye-yo)

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Yippie yi yo yippie yi ye
Wanna bump your body baby
Wanna bump your body
Wanna bump your body
(repeat four times)

Out on the dance floor I'm holdin' you so tight
(Gotta make you feel me, gotta press your body tight)
Up against my body grindin' I'm in the mood for the same
(This is real freaky this is how we groove)
Ooh, what's on your mind? It's body bumpin' time baby
(Love makin' hopefully while we grind)
Uuh, don't you want me? Cuz I want you
Let's do this. Why don't we do it?


For my graduation, let you know what's on my mind
It's about that time, that I hit you for some bump and grind
I'm in the mood for you, I wanna feel your groove girl you
Can creep on with me, let's go get up on a room
Makin' me do things that I never did before
Behind closed doors, I'm gonna make you shout for more
This freaky thing is on, body bumpin' all night long
No doubt about it if you want it I can bring it on, bump me


Bump'in, you and me
Everybody get your freak on
Bump'in, you and me
Everybody get your freak on


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