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Yeah PA, 2000
What? Rithickulous!
Yeah what girl?
Girl, rithickulous

What the deal baby let the deck rise
Is that all yo body right
No support to keep you tight with them banging ass hips and thighs, oh my
Got the fellas on 10 especially, especially me
The way you poking them thangs at me
Is getting the best of me
Don't stop now cause you peep me checkin you
I'm checkin to try to see what hotel to checkin to with you
Got the tightest body seen
Bounce that thang, it's working me
I know you doin it purposely, come on

1 - Let me holla girl how you goin act
Like a baller's bank you stack
Love the way move it from the back
Girl you so rithickulous
Baby bounce that body like that
Clothes fittin tight on a body like that
You make it hard when you shake it like that
Girl you so rithickulous

Repeat 1

I know you got guys on you
So tell me whatcha gonna do
Girl you don't need a thong
Cause I can see it all with your clothes on
The way you moving that body hotti
Lets me know just what you want
Chickens in the spot mad at you
So baby girl do your thang an flaunt
Ooh you got me hypnotize, the
way you movin those hips and thighs.
Best body I done seen
And yo you got me hyped up like a fiend
Brickhouse shorty thick like what
Bounce that, shake that like what,
Get that, hit that like yo rithickulous...

Repeat 1 (2x)

Damn you're tight
Eee looking right
Ooo with you tonight
Girl you're rithickulous
Damn you're tight
Eee looking right
Ooo with you tonight
Girl you're so rithickulous

Repeat 1 till end

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