Chorus - Mamacita Where you at? Been trying to reach ya All alone, you know I need ya Got me fiendin' Can I meet ya? I need to see ya Hesitatin' Can't do that Don't keep me waitin' On the floor It's gettin' late and Got me fiendin' Tryna reach ya Mamacita Hey there shorty I've been feeling you Like them jeans do, feel me? Like the way you move What the deal, young Philly? Can I get my groove on? I've been waiting long enough You got to lace me up just once You know you can't deny me When they playing our song A little bump and grind Yeah you know ain't nothin' wrong Say won't you give me time Now they're playin' our song Patty cake, patty cake Baker's man Let me see you shake it Like I know you can Why you wanna tease me? Got to give me some more Come on, come on One, two, three What's it gonna be? Four, five, six Baby move them hips Seven, eight, nine You're runnin' outta time Come on, come on [Chorus] This is how I yippie-yi-yippie-yo-yippie-yah We can body bump from the Chi to the Bay Like the way you bounce Want to see a triple play? First, second, third Make it home, no delay What you wanna do? Baby girl take a swing Knock it out the park baby girl Do your thing Come on hook it up Show me love, do it right We can set it off Turn me on here tonight, uh Repeat Chorus until end

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