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Bonnie And Clyde

Remy Ma

[Remy Martin:]
Here It Comes Yeah (That Bitch)
Here It Comes Yeah
Here It Comes Yeah (Rem)
Here It Comes Yeah (That Nigga)
Here It Comes Yeah (Pap)
Here It Comes Yeah (Okay)
Here It Comes Yeah (You Asked For It)

[Verse 1: Remy Martin]
See I Be On Some Other Shit
Like xxxx Your Dead Motha Shit
Disrespect Ya Whole Character
Call You By Ur Government
I Dont Know What These xxxxxxx Think You Ugly And Ya xxxxx Stink
Ya Whole Flow Is Barrowed
Stole Everything But The Kitchen Sink
See You Just Mad Bitch
And You xxxx Mad Dick
My xxxx Is Fire I Does My Own Atlas
With No Practice
I Spits Backwords Backwords Spits
I Practice No Atlas
And Niggas Should Call You Friein Pan
Your Face Is Like A Friein Pan
And Niggas Throw There Meat In You
[Bonnie N Clyde Lyrics on http://www.kovideo.net]
You Burn Em Like A Frien Pan
I Aint Liein Man
See I Dont Really Want It
I Got These xxxxxxx Scared To Death
They Know The Album Commin

Yeap See Slate
This Is Why I Told You
I Can Not Do Mixedtapes
I Just Be Talkin xxxxxx Reckless
Its Crazy

[Verse 2: Remy Martin]
And I Aint Gotta Force It
My xxxx Come Natrule
You Dont Want Me On Every Mixedtape
As If I Was Papoose
Exposin All Your Skeleton
Straight Gettin Atchu
Tellin Everybody Imma xxxx You Up
When I Catch You
No What Im Talkin Bout
Im What A Thug About
Tella Nigga Im Frontin So The Squad Can Slaught Him Out
My Brand New Whipps And Gutt Em Out
Then Come Back With Some Diffrent Shit
Lookin Like Its It But Just Pimp My Shit
Im That xxxxx And Aint No Chick Seein Me
Yall xxxxxxx Need To Step Ya Rap Game Up Imedetly
Im Talkin Like xxxxxx Last Year Like Last Decade (Hahahahaha)

Yeah Graduated From Mixedtapes Now (Papoose)
Somethin Bout Remy Nigga (Remy Martin)
Got The Mixedtape Award And All That, Yo (Papoose)
Album Commin (Remy Martin)
Check Me Out (Papoose)

[Verse 3: Papoose]
I Aint Recanize Remy When I Seen Her In The Night Club
We Got The Indusrty Addicted We Like Drugs
I Done Pop Chris Stall Dawn Pareone
Not A Drunk Alazate The Dawns Very Calm
The Wild Out The Drunk Henny Rum
Thats Why I Say
East Coast Pop A Bottle Wit Chall
Alotta Chicks Be Burnin Like Drinkin Some Vodka
Tryed To Tell Me She A Virgin Like Penacolada
Casket Creamed It Up Beam Away Shawn Dawnin
But None Of Dat Could xxxx With A Bottle Of Remmy Martin
Now I Done Smoke Purple Haze
Smoke Chocolats I Smoke Hydro
All Types Of Lalala Smoke Straights All Blazed Up
Puff Passed Do But None Of Dat Can xxxx With
A Pound Of Papoose
Niggas Wanna Clap Me Up Leave Me Holy
I Marajauana In The Flesh
Alotta Niggas Wanna Smoke Me
I Done Move Good Dope
Move Straight Coke
Shit So Pure Look Like It Came Off The Boat
I Done Move Hard Crack Its Alotta Dj's
But None Of Yall Could xxxx With A Kilo Of Kslay
My Work Would Drop Bomb He Rap From The Cops
He Drop My Whole Bomb Talkin Everysingle Rock
I Told Him No Everything Bout It
Cause My Single Was Hot
Flex Droppin More Bombs Then The Worker On The Block
Rapologie Surprime Folosophies The Thing
You Could Call Me Mr.Not So Remeadream
Remy Look Good In Person
Just Like She Do In The Magazines
So Ima Stay Close To Ms. Martin Like Dr. King
Never Used To Like Drop Tops
But He Think Flossin
So Im Bout To Have More Dropps Then Weak Fossets
He Dont Wanna Lean Back
Slay Hand Me The Tourists
Hit Him In The Back Of His Head
And Make Him Lean Forward
[Echo:] Papoose Papoose Papoose Papoose
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