Remy Ma

[remy talkin:]
Yea,uh-huh,yea, its the queen of ny bitch,you know why im da queen of ny? cuz i fuckin said so,but whos fuckin wit me,nobody,damn sure not no bitches.something else about remy nigga! lets go oooohhhh

Fuck wat you heard
I am dat bich and i pluck the bird on som supplemenal shit you see im da type of chick thatll be lookin for you
You cant say nuthin slick to a can of oil now
Rappers they talk out they mouth and when i see them they talkin about
That i aint the one they talkin about
See this is the shit i be talkin about
Its too many rappers runnin around
These chicks is tricks and niggaz is clowns
And im the only one holdin the crown queen of ny nigga
When i on a date they love to hate
Who gotta camera in this new york state shake on my license plate
And i hate when i fuck in my truck and it shake
So i got the floors and the doors reinforced with steel plate that
Rugz is plush but my pussy is plush and i gota son so if you pipe that make you a muthafucka aint that a muthafuck
You got babies, they makin ya rights
But when it comes to da bbay mutha,fuck her
I would neva bite my tounge
I would rather fight then run
Wat the fuck i look like havin a bitch that im frightened of? one bum broad got bold and i lightened her brand new niked her the queen of ny bitch
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