Catch That Beat Freestyle

Remy Ma

Said, i got it and imma take it
An give it to these bitches.
And once i start, ain't no stoppin, im talkin no intermission.
I know these bitches be listenin,
Steady think im dissin them.
But they pussy, they ain't tryin to fuck with reminisce and them.
My flow gotta cold and im really gettin sick in them.
Im spittin holy water,
They don't want me to glisten them.
Im from murda murda, castle hill.
I pullout the burna burna and melt yo ice grill.
Remy martin, ain't no bitch ill as me.
Only chick i like is lauren, and she hennessy.
Call me infinity, aint no end of me.
You ain't a blood relative, you a fuckin enemy.
I smoke a lot of weed, but i got a lot of energy.
Type to fuck your man in your crib where your dinner be.
Wearing yo robe, makin noise while your kids are sleep.
Call you on the phone, so you can hear him while he's dickin me.
Yea i know you feelin me. these females be killin me.
Im a grown ass women, so yall cant be kiddin me.
Need a laxative, cause yall bitches cant do shit to me.
Know you a hoe, you cant change identities.
See, i bust guns, i got keys, you in the studio like...
"im tryin to catch the beat."
You really think you better than me, bet ya g, bet ya keys, whatever i got extra cheese.
Like a hamburger, no dude you ever heard of, is anywhere next to my next shell burner.
Its a problem out the gate, and you know they gon' hate, when they rewind the tape and they hear that nigga gates.
Steady tryin to catch the beat, can't even fucking catch the beat...
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