Bob Rivers

A brand new story for ya
My attention�s so very short
Well was it I or E that came after C?
And 2 + 2 is a bore
Teacher tried to get through
Teach you reach you
But my mind wasn�t on
Driftin� right on
Slow yourself down and concentrate
All you gotta do is self medicate

Easy as 1 2 6
So simple to derail me
Can�t you see ADD�s distractin� me?
Let me try to focus just a little bit
Start to think of somethin� but I always keep forgettin� it

Readin� writin� �rithmatic are to difficult to learn for me
I can�t even find my boots and socks in the mornin�
And I look and they�re on my feet
Doc, Doc, Doc fix me up some Ridilin
Fix me Ridilin
Gotta get an A
Then I look away
Or a B or C
Oooh, F will do
Come on Mr. Teacher �cause I gotta get to school

It�s easy as 1 2 6
As simple it�s doe rae fa
ADD that�s what keeps distractin� me
ADD you and you

�Sit down kids! I�m tryin� to count ya. Now, get up, class and run around the room.�

That�s how spacey I can be
ADD has got me
I can�t count past 2 or 3
It�s a commonality
That�s how spacey I can be
Got a case to sell for free
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