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You're A Zombie Now

Sam Hart

You said you loved me for my brains
I didn't know you meant to eat them
And maybe I'm insane
I thought together we'd defeat them

When the skin was falling off your head
You told me that was just a rash
You stumble around like the living dead
And your favorite song is the monnnnster mash

I know what I must do
Cause you're a zombie now
You're a zombie now
I'm breaking up with you
Cause you're a zombie now
You're a zombie now
You're a zooooombie now

We've been on the run for seven weeks
When I met you I was smitten
We battled through the infirmary
You didn't tell me you were bitten

The hardest part for me is having to decide
Should I cut off your head or put a bullet between your eyes

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