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Still My Dream

Sam Hart

When I was a boy
I thought that one day I could be
Captain of a pirate ship
Terror of the seven seas

Or maybe a superhero
Flying through the sky
Vanquishing the evil dudes
With lasers from my eyes

Is nothing as it seems
Could this be the real life
Or is this still just be my dream
Cause you are all I see
Nothing that I ever thought I wanted
But you are everything I need

When I was a child
I thought that maybe someday soon
I could take off in a rocket ship
And write my name up on the moon

Transform into a dinosaur
Ravaging the land
Giant teeth and giant claws
On tiny arms with tiny hands


I never knew that I would find you
Walking in the dark
I kissed you in the park
And now I know that this is what I'm meant to be

[chorus] x2
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