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Maybe Next Year

Sam Hart

Maybe next year
You will sing for me a mountain
With a voice that is a window
To the river deep inside

Maybe next year
You will love me as a hero
And i will fly across
Our geographical divide

Time, time is a fickle friend
A friend we took for granted
In the twilight of our hour
All things come to an end
Maybe next year, maybe next year

Cause you said you'd always love me
And you said we'd be okay
So i took the job in california
A thousand miles away
Regret is such a bastard
And there's nothing you can do
Maybe next year i'll come home to you

I remember you and me
Lying side by side
Staring wide-eyed at the sky
I can see the moment
That you took me by the hand
Smiled at me and said
Let's never leave this land

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