Welcome To Wonderland

Sea of Treachery

I am the hero, I bring salvation.
I'll expose the villains in a world gone mad.
I'll fight the tyrants, but who else will rise?
Please break your silence--am I the only one?
It's not politics, it's the end of days.
So much promise, how did we not foresee that this blatant greed would sell us all out in the end?
This pending war is looming over our heads and I'll be our martyr.
My trepidation signals that I am not alone.
I'm tired of being sheltered, I can't walk in fear.
Stop being so goddamn hypocritical, you know you'll never do a thing about it.
You want to lose it all?
Well come on, let's see what you got.
Stand up for yourself.
Welcome to Wonderland.
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