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Sea of Treachery

You indoctrinate to convince idiocy as a virtue.
Vilifying intellect and curiosity, damn your plans to control the masses.
The creation of a society full of vapid, soulless creatures underscores The evil that you intend to commit.

You've got nothing to retain from your selfish intentions.
You think you're a hero?
But you're not alone.
We don't have to lose another war.

We put ourselves upon this pedestal while the world comes crashing down.
And if you stay, I'll still be here because I could never leave this place.
So what do you want?

You've got your back against the wall.
Cast aside your baseless sense of pride.
Hey there, how does it feel now that you've lost touch with a public that you sought to control?
Motherfucker, how does it feel?
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