It Was Always Too Late

Sea of Treachery

Suicide, there can be no other way.
When i die i'll taste the sweet escape.
For my part, i gave it all i could.
In the end, fatigue has worn me raw.
My favorite weapon will mark the entry point.
The round will escape from where my spine never grew.
Give it up!
You'll never go that far.
Just sit back down.
You're kidding yourself.
Give it up!
I swear i'll go that far.
Just sit back down!
You're kidding yourself.
All dark and huddled up,
I was never meant for more.
My grim obsession has become part of me.
My prized possession is not quite what i thought.
I am so sick,
This is my way out.
I'm not running,
I'm just erasing.
The misery that has plagued me for oh,
What has seemed like forever.
Oh god, what have you done?
How stupid can you get?
You naive bastard,
You've wasted it all.
Quick, there's still time,
Go get help before it's too late.
I cannot live like this.
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