Second Skin

Silent Majority

slip inside your favorite skin
you zip up the back and you fit right in
the teeth become jammed as you near the top
a thousand fingers used to clear the stop
now you look around
and you start to spin upon sins upon...
it could not take away 16 tons of cargo
this big brown box
you keep your notes in
the kind you never throw away
deep inside with all the other skins
the kind that don't fit anymore...
more people
more situations
more hangout spots
more people to say "hi" to
more music to play, more songs to feel
this as I tell you you're not feeling it
how dare I? I'll tell you how i do
'cause I was here so many times before
and after all
it's got nothing to do with you
and your wardrobe
it's full of skins
ones I've been in
as you sit and grin
and you take a couple off the bed
and you throw em down
and you choose too
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