Silent Majority

there was this girl in my class
she never really spoke
we would just sit there, we would just joke
the bags in her eyes
the blank in her stare
always asking "who?"
but never really "where?"
I saw her last week by the crack motel
standing by the phone
and you know I could tell
what she's up to
was it our fault?
that's what it seems
kids so damn young
can be so fucking mean
I knew deep down
we could have stopped you from this
but all I know is that we were just kids
that only know that bad shit happens from after school specials
your mom and you dad
couldn't take you away
things are much different now
and we have to say
11:30 at night
she stumbles across the street
a far cry from plaid skirts and pleats
that you wore back then
in '87 when
we thought
you could never be bought
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