Silent Majority

there are times and there are places we thought
this would never die this thing between you and I we sat
and talked about it in the diner late at night cokes with no
ice me with iced tea and nowadays it's just three this plate
of fries me and a couple of guys you ain't around there was
a smile you must have have misplaced it with this cruelty kind
of a grin went to the show and screamed "we can win" and
then came home and realized we weren't in the game at a
all we're all destined to fall sometimes the question is how
far how fast how soon 'til you make up your mind this time
we all go through life with a system of doubts which one
will you choose before you turn and walk away we always
choose make up your mind step up and take control of it
you'll be glad you did it there was a game plan you went
and erased it smashed it into bits and then you misplaced
it how far how fast how soon 'til you make up your mind
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