No You Hang Up

Steer Clear

I would love to know, just what you'd do
If you got your hands on me,
'cos i've single handedly, aggresively, repeatly
Destroyed your world, i've stole your girl or she stole me,
I'm not quite sure but it was so good.

And now you're circling the drain,
I pulled the plug on you now
And hopefully you will refrain
From treating everyone like shit
When i'm gone, i will rise up, i will rise up,
Haunting your dreams,
I will rise up, i will rise up, i will, i will, i will rise up from the dead ...

Scapegoat the opposite sex,
And blame it on your victim complex,
Stupid motherfucker who's just down on his luck
If you were hanging from a tree you know i wouldnt give a
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