Comebacks Aren't Your Thing

Steer Clear

You can't say I haven't tried, in one ear and out the other side
And I know that this doesn't feel right at
I can't adjust to this way at all
I was holding your hand and I did not know you wanted to let go

I'm sorry but I lost you at the part where you said 'I can explain' because betrayal offers no form of explanation
To add insult to injury I see no remorse in front of me, the least you could have done was wash the red of your hands

And you can't say you haven't lied, seems like we're just wasting our time again
Please Mr. Surgeon this is urgent, can you make a sharp incision, straight in through my rib-cage?
I don't care, just get her out of there

And it seems that you can't decide
between your conscience and your pride

In one ear and out the other, in one ear and out the other side
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