Steer Clear

You and i both know that we should talk about this,
It's hanging over us it's all i think about.
The closet door is open, the skeleton is no where in sight.
And please don't say you're, confused and unsure.
We're circling like vultures when we know there's bones to pick on.

Don't wait up 'cos tonight i need to feel alive,
Here it goes, down my throat, woah, woah
Fuzzy sounds, flashing lights, i need to feel alive
Getalive! getalive! getalive! getalive!

As the sirens fade i start to realise,
That i should be sitting by your side tonight.
I just couldn't stand to see your eyes roll back inside your head,
Did you not hear a single word i said at all?

No i won't go away i won't leave you alone,
And i won't leave another message for you after the tone.
No use, no use, for you now
Now the clothes that you wore are in a bag by the door
All the clouds they blanket the sky grey,
The traffic is our soundtrack

It's so hard to admit that you deserve all of this
And if these walls could talk they'd scream ...
They'd scream.
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