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    The Alkaholiks - 2014

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    The Alkaholiks - 20th Caller Skit

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    The Alkaholiks - 21 And Under

  4. 4

    The Alkaholiks - Aa Meeting Intro

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    The Alkaholiks - All Night

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    The Alkaholiks - All The Way Live

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    The Alkaholiks - Aww Shit

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    The Alkaholiks - Bottoms Up

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    The Alkaholiks - Bullshit

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    The Alkaholiks - Can't Tell Me Shit

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    The Alkaholiks - Captain Hook

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    The Alkaholiks - Chaos

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    The Alkaholiks - Coast To Coast

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    The Alkaholiks - Commercial Skit

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    The Alkaholiks - Contents Unda Pressure

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    The Alkaholiks - Daam!

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    The Alkaholiks - Daam! (Swift Remix)

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    The Alkaholiks - Debarge Skit

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    The Alkaholiks - Do It

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    The Alkaholiks - Drink Wit Us

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    The Alkaholiks - Feel the Real

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    The Alkaholiks - Flashback

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    The Alkaholiks - Funny Style

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    The Alkaholiks - Get Into It

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    The Alkaholiks - Handle It

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    The Alkaholiks - Hangover

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    The Alkaholiks - Hip-Hop Drunkies

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    The Alkaholiks - Hit And Run

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    The Alkaholiks - J-Ro Late Skit

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    The Alkaholiks - Killin' It

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    The Alkaholiks - Last Call

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    The Alkaholiks - Let It Out

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    The Alkaholiks - Likwidation

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    The Alkaholiks - Likwit

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    The Alkaholiks - Likwit Ridas

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    The Alkaholiks - LL Cool J Skit

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    The Alkaholiks - Make Room

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    The Alkaholiks - Mary Jane

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    The Alkaholiks - Nas Skit

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    The Alkaholiks - No Hand Outs

  41. 41

    The Alkaholiks - Off The Wall

  42. 42

    The Alkaholiks - On The Floor

  43. 43

    The Alkaholiks - Only When I'm Drunk

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    The Alkaholiks - Party Ya Ass Off

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    The Alkaholiks - Pass Out

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    The Alkaholiks - Popular Demand

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    The Alkaholiks - Read My Lips

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    The Alkaholiks - Rockin' With the Best

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    The Alkaholiks - Soda Pop

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    The Alkaholiks - The Flute Song (Lalala)

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    The Alkaholiks - The Get Down

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    The Alkaholiks - The Next Level

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    The Alkaholiks - Tore Down

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    The Alkaholiks - Turn It Up

  55. 55

    The Alkaholiks - Turn the Party Out

  56. 56

    The Alkaholiks - Who-Dem-Niggas

  57. 57

    The Alkaholiks - WLIX

Coast To Coast

The Alkaholiks

Intro: From city to city, coast II coast Friday night is the night they like to party the most (We came, to rock, for everybody) From city to city, coast II coast Friday night is the night they like to party the most From city to city, coast II coast (all night y'all) Friday night is the night they like to party the most Verse One: Tash (From city to city, coast II coast) I make rappers see more stars than Space Ghost Cause my fiver I kick lyrics make em sound like [walkietalkies] So the poet cracks the Moet while they drink the Old Milwaukee Off the hook with (droppin visions) so the Leo of the trio (Without the sexy voice) scoops more hoes than Theo So I dedicate this rap to all my ghetto spokesmodels Dressin like y'all paid, redeemin Coke bottles So nod to the oddness as the story gets told While I burn these MC's like Rotisierrie Gold Cause you know the reputation of the L-I-K-Ses The crew that wets you with they beer until somebody undresses I bust my shit and peel! Grab my wheels of steel If y'all niggaz can't feel me than y'all niggaz ain't real I hit so hard the WBC Called to ask me could the champ come and train with me Cause my liquidatin flows transpose on niggaroles Individuals, close they eyes, cause I blurred they visuals And I'm about to be as large as Houdini in a minute (Now the party didn't start) Till the Liks walked in it Chorus: From city to city, coast II coast Friday night is the night they like to party the most All night y'all (city to city) all night y'all When the Liks is (coast II coast) in the house get hype y'all From city to city, coast II coast Friday night is the night they like to party the most All night y'all (city to city) all night y'all (from coast II coast) The Liks is in the house to make it righty'all Verse Two: J-Ro Yeah... check out my Ro-gram Since I was a kid I got darker I write rhymes so phat I need a marker My style gets bit like Peter Parker If imitation is the greatest form of flattery... ...punk don't flatter me I slam you like a pogue on my dog with no fleas and ticks Chicks love them light-skinned rap niggaz called the Liks Youse a wizard, with no tricks, the J-R-O got the spells You never even heard Rock the Bells My cash flows, like a bloody nose It stains all your clothes, and your pill-ows I come from the home of the Rodney King beatin Pacoma CA, Riff Rack is where I'm eatin Your style is like *do Do DOO* out of service The Liks walk in the jam the punk MC's be gettin nervous I never take falls, I got more balls than pre-hauls I flow without flaws to scrape all you sucka paws Never ever find the fool that stole my brew (I'ma do mean, terrible, nasty things to you) Don't lose me, I make a rude bwoy say excuse me If you choose the real shit you can't refuse me Ask your grandpap I bust the dandy rap I be posted in the bar like Andy Capp And I, could, just, go, all, the, way On Friday Interlude: Yo whassup baby!!! Yo wasn't that your nigga there performin? Nah nah that wasn't him Yo it was mad niggaz in that piece yo What? What was they mad about? ...Yo kid Kid?!! I'm old enough to be your uncle, heh Anyway, where the BUD at? Sorry we do not drink! What the hell you talkin bout we don't drink I mean the chronic Oh you wanna smoke a L or sumthin? An L? Fuck is that? Man, word Nathin Who the fuck is Nate, tell him It's Iesha, Farrah, and Kath true... Chorus: From city to city, coast II coast Friday night is the night they like to party the most And there's so many niggaz on the planet left to rock yo don't be surprised when we rappin on your block From city to city, coast II coast Friday night is the night they like to party the most To all the hoses and all the third-leggers We comin old school like biscuits and Kreggers Verse Three: J-Ro, E-Swift, Tash Yo, first they didn't know me now the hoes be on my Moby But I'm just a nigga kickin me shit like Reggie Roby My name ain't Toby call me J-to the Talk on my cellular telly got a belly like Buddah I ain't Barry Gordy's son but I Rock(s)well When I eat Jamaican food I get the ox tail Get in the bushes with your punk style, you bore us I should kick my foot through your windshield like Chuck Norris I jump out the bushes and ambush your crew Push you and moosh you like a bitch, what you wanna do It's round two nigga I'm showin no love It's like a heavyweight match, but without the gloves You just can't rock a show, you're too quick to fatigue I think you ain't busy since Red was in seas You need to put a little more thought into your writin Your style is Virginia Slim, while mine is Phillie tightened So stop biting what your mouth can't chew A nova eat you but my DJ flow better than you But when I go to set it call the closest paramedic Cause you faker than that motherfuckin jewelry that's cosmetic So hold on to your seats while I rock these beats Cause these are just the repeats of our amazing feats Cause even Kurtis Blow knows we break beats like world records So my style'll hurt you worser than a cut that's infected And we O... W... T...

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