Round The Universe

The Seahorses

Did I step down from a spaceship
that was orbiting your earth?
Shining like a star above
you way down in the dirt
Won't you take me to your leader,
Won't you show me round the sights?
I don't think I've landed here before
but then again I might

Because your face looks so familiar
But your eyes have lost their shine

I can take you round the universe
In a hot wired police car
We can ram raid Mars and Jupiter
And drive right through a star
There's one thing you can do for me
hear me now my friend
Tell me, tell me, tell me why,
all good things must come
To an end?

Did I crash land in your conscience?
Did I rain on your parade?
Am I your alien abduction nightmare?
Won't you be my slave?

Is there anybody in there?
Hey there earthling get the phone
Your virtual reality's a house it's not a home

Well a truth as strange as fiction is
right there in your eyes
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