Standing On Your Head

The Seahorses

He's falling down a staircase
he don't know how to stop
He's forty flights from bottom and sixty from the top
He's a man on a mission as brave as he's sane
A lonely life's ambition got a sieve for a brain
You won't miss your water 'till your well runs dry

You can't taste the truth
when you're drinking a lie
It's a long hard road but we've
got to make it through
So tell me, tell me, tell me what
In the worls, are we gonna do?

So don't dig yourself any deeper
The only colour that I see is red
My life will be much sweeter
When I'm standing, tall on your head

And when you reach the bottom when
you hit my killing floor

I'll be there to greet you
and show you to the door
It's a bright sunny day, not a cloud in the sky
So say your prayers one last time
'Cause today's the day you die
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