Suicide Drive

The Seahorses

Please may I leave the table
I don't think that I'll be able
To swallow your family values again today

Because a giant squid
He stole my wife and kid

Full story and pix
Ten pence off your Weetabix, yeah,yeah

Sometimes this world just drives
you crazy, lately
Yeah and the smoke gets in your eyes
Run the exhaust back inside
Close the windows and take a ride
I've got a place to go
Nowhere to hide
On Suicide Drive

Drive as fast as you can
I speed therefore I am
And no one can tell me better when I'm high
But the earth's full of holes
And outer space is closed
It's mine and I'll wash it
As fast as I like while I've got yeah

Mile after mile
Superdupermegahyperchocablocka aisles
Where do we go from here
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