This Could Get Ugly

The Title

so tell me are you right
and rationalized
in spending all your time
awaiting hurt in my life
you had your time but this is mine
and tell me is it worth
the time you lost
considering the ways to act
and words that you'd toss
you tried to break this but i'm fine

and for someone who's moved on
you're coming off like a lover
only spiting the other
you are afraid to give your heart up
for another one to start up
and i'm tiring of writing
but it's easier than fighting you
because you're no longer part of
where i'm offering my heart up

so tell me does does he fight
without a cause
in hopes of winning love
you saved for somebody else
does he know you're wasting his time
you should be giving up
on fighting back
well some people grow up
it's just a trait that you lack
you won't get there even with time

autotune's turned up and i don't think your talent
is enough to keep your voice in balance
oh no, it's getting ugly
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