Burn It Down

The Title

Call it love
Call it wrong
Call it moving along
Call it anything you want to
Turn your back
Turn away
Just ignore what I say
I'm just hoping like I used to [2x]

And you'll take
this time and make
something better then you know
I think it's time to let this go

Leave it alone
or you will burn it all down
It must be harder to leave
but I remember the sound
And if you give it yourself
you'll leave this on the ground
you'd be walking alone
instead of burning it down

Call it false
Call it cheap
Put the pressure on me
Call it anything you want
Cut your loss
Cut your ties
Cut me out of your life
I'm just hoping like I used to [2x]

I know you're hurt from all the time you lost
and things we've erased
You want to burn it all down
but I'm just turning the page
And when some time has passed
I'm sure that we'll be moving along
Just know the time we spent is remembered,
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