I Told You So

The Title

hoping for the best
i've got to get this off my chest
i can't see us getting by until we've put this thing to rest
is it impossible for us to carry on
or do we have to just let go and then forget it all
and may be worst of all but never first of all
i really doubt that any bit of it's

it's selfish i know but
i've really got to hold onto
something that you
couldn't possibly control
i'll let you take your best shot
but you'll probably drop it
and all i'll say is
i told you so

catch me if you can
i think i finally understand
you don't care what they all think
as long as you know where we stand
and you think..
why be original?
it's much too difficult
if even you don't care that you're not individual
i know it hurts and all
but it's nothing personal
it's like you stole it
said you wrote it, then rehearsed it all
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