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Might Not (feat. Belly)

The Weeknd

Everybody 'round me saying I should relax
Cause I been going hard 'til my eyes roll back but
All I want to do is forget about my past
And smoke a little weed, really nothing too drastic
Any time you see me in a picture and I'm smiling
Probably cause I'm faded or I'm chilling with the fans and
Not really the type to let a nigga talk back

But imma let it slide cause my niggas too violent
Shoutout to the ones who spend money like a habit
Even if they had a million dollars, they'd be trapping
Got a couple girls shooting movies on the mattress
Then I hit the booth, make the motherfucking soundtrack

Then I play it back on the eighty-inch plasma
Then I get 'em faded off that super fantastic
Roll that grandmaster, smell it through the plastic
Nobody can handle me
I'm gone when the shit's too strong

The night's too long
I took too much and I've gone too far
And I might not make it
I might not make it
This time I might not make it

I might not make it
I might not make it
This time I might not make it
I might not make it
I might not make it
This time I might not make it
I might not

Bitches know, told a ho it's
Different strokes for different folks
Came up out the north, we was playing with a different snow
Took my niggas from the four-o-one to pacific coast
We no longer put no fish scale on the fishing boat
Listen, ho, I know all you bitches
Want is liquor, smoke (liquor, smoke)
I know all you bitches want is dick and dough (dick and dough)

Told her: You don't gotta make it difficult
Baby, sit calm, we don't need another episode
Hippy bitches sending me titty pictures
She told me no religion was the new religion
She said she don't believe in God, but her shoes christian

I heard she serving everybody like the soup kitchen
Getting hoes higher, getting hoes higher
She got work in the morning, I'm getting hoes fired
Why the fuck you call it purp when you mix it pink?
You know I fucking mix the drinks when the shit's too strong
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