Glass Table Girls

The Weeknd

La la la la la la la la

(?) with the homies while we (?)
Couple of women who be down to trip (?)
(?) watch it drip down our faces
This molly got us zombie got me feelin intoxicated
Well, girl (?) with a van full of hippies one of us
(?) uglys wouldn't hesitate to touch us
They love us, so we lust them
So when we touch them, no one can help them

Two puffs for the lady who be down for that
Whatever, together
Bring your own stash of the greatest, trade it
Roll a dub, burn a dub, cough a dub, taste it
Then watch us chase it
With a handful of pills, no chasers
Jaw clenching on some super-sized papers
And she bad and her head bad
Escaping, her van is a Wonderland
And it's half-past six
Read skies cause time don't exist
But when the stars shine back to the crib
Superstar lines back at the crib
And we can test out the tables
Got some brand new tables
All glass and it's four feet wide
But it's a must to get us ten feet high
She give me sex in a handbag
I get her wetter than a wet nap
And no closed doors
So I listen to her moans echo, echo
I heard he do drugs now
You heard wrong, I been on it for a minute
We just never act a fool
That's just how we fuckin' live it
And when we act a fool
It's probably cause we mixed it
Yeah I'm always on that okey dokey
Them white boys know the deal
Ain't no fuckin' phony
Big O know the deal
He the one who showed me
Watch me ride this fucking beat
Like he fuckin' told me

Is that your girl, what's her fucking story?
She kinda bad but she ride it like a fucking pony
I cut down on her man, be her fuckin' story
Yeah I'm talking 'bout you man, get to know me
Ain't no offense, though, I promise you
If you a real man, dude, you gon' decide the truth
But I'm a nice dude with some nice dreams
And we could turn this to a nightmare: Elm Street

La la la la la la la la
I'm so gone, so gone
Bring out the glass tables
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