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Who Can You

Third World

Who gave you the ocean?
gather the waters for the sea?
Who gave you love as an emotion? yea, It sounds like
Jah to me
who gave you all the blue skies
Sometimes when yours are so grey
who gave you morning sun rise
so you can see the light of day

yea, Jah Rastafari oh It's Jah Rastafari,
singing Jah Rastafari, singing Jah Rastafari

Who gave you the little baby,
so he may grow before your very eyes,
who lifted you out of the impossible
& make all your dreams materialize

yea, Jah Rastafari singing Jah Rastafari, only Jah Rastafari
Jah Rastafari, only Jah know triat crosses & pain I feel, Rastafari

Only God can feel, feel you when you're down,
who can make who can make?
make a flower grow? who can make?
who can make? the river water flow,
who can make the baby cry who can take,
who can take away the tears from their mother's eyes,
its Jah Rastafari & its Jah Rastafari
Two more to go, two more & its Jah, yes Rastafari, Jah.
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