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You've got the Power

Third World

You've got the Power
You've got the Power Ahoy

I-been to so many places not knowing just
what I'd find
I seen so many different faces but they
always stay fresh in my mind

Some of them seem so lonely trying to make it
on their own
Wondering where to turn to knowing you can't
make no blood out of stone

(Chorus "A")
People everywhere they just want to be free
But they find it so hard to he what they gotta be
Gotta he the teaching of their society

(Chorus "B")
Brother you've got the Power to make a
Sister you've got the Power rearrange

(Repeat Chorus "A" & "B")

I've been through hard time decisions
When I could not tell right from wrong
But at the end of my destination
I've found out that's just where I belong

(Repeat Chorus "A")
(Repeat Chorus "B" four times)
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